Drywall Partition – Things To Know About It

Drywall is a panel of gypsum plaster that is pressed between the fiber cement sheets. Drywalls are used for building interior walls or false ceilings. Drywall partition is common in homes, schools, hospitals, industries, etc. They are strong and durable and can last for longer periods if used properly with care. You would have seen drywall partitions in schools where bigger classrooms or corridors are divided into two with the help of drywall partition or people usually customize office spaces using drywalls. Drywall partitions in Dubai are common as they utilize larger space according to their needs in offices or homes.

Drywall has many benefits such as it is manufactured faster and is cost-effective. Drywall installation is done faster with the help of machinery. It is heavy and strong but its durability depends on its usage. If used properly without causing any damage, it can last for years.

They do not need additional water for their construction as they are pre-constructed and can be installed easily. Drywalls are lightweight and their structural costs are low. They can be moved easily which is why they are great for partition at places where moving up heavy material is not possible.

Drywalls are fire resistant because they are made of gypsum and hence prevents fire from spreading. As it is not difficult to build a hole in drywall so you can hang any light or decoration piece on it yourself. Acoustic drywall partition Dubai can prevent sound from transferring in or out of the room which provides privacy.

There are some disadvantages of drywall partitions as well. Drywall is not water resistant which means if they are installed in bathrooms or rooms with high moisture, they will get damp and damp walls to attract mold infestations. The only solution for damp drywall is to replace it or use fiberglass drywall instead as they are more water-resistant. Drywalls are also not resistant to hitting and bumping. They easily get cracked and damaged. Although, this can be neglected by taking proper care of drywall partitions with kids, it is often not possible. Fixing or repairing such issues is easy with drywalls so the advantages are plenty.

If you want to invest less and also want desirable changes and customized space in your home or office, then drywalls are the best and easily installed. They give an overall beautiful look to the room and in case you want the original space back, you can remove the drywall partition easily.